Finding out the right VLOG formula

I work in video every day. It's fun, but for a while it's not something I wanted to play around with after work. I wanted to separate my work identity from my personal identity. 

Since January, I've changed my mind. I'm now working towards finding out the right formula for producing personal videos about my own life and experiences. As it turns out, most of what I want to talk about revolves around my hobbies and weird fixations. 

Like, my fixation on Taco Bell being my favorite fast food & also being garbage has lead to the most popular video on my YouTube channel right now. 

It makes sense. It's the clearest video in title/execution. You know exactly what's going to happen before it starts.

Whereas the least popular video on my channel is a slightly out-of-focus video of me evaluating my own poor creative decisions in creating another video, 'VR is Awesome'. It makes sense, unless you're me – there's no reason to watch that video. 

I don't really like the 'man to camera' video format. It's pretty boring/exhausting to watch the confessional style of video. Especially when it’s not at double speed. I'd like to grow that format for myself and create a longer, video essay format, experiment with some art-focused versions of the same thing. It's a bit of a challenge to figure out what the workflow for that might be, whether I should live capture from a tablet and draw out my thoughts or adapt another format. 

My most recent video feels more 'on track' to creating something to authentically capturing myself and my own weird interests:

This video felt like something that would really benefit from graphics/drawings to more clearly demonstrate some of the ideas that I talked through. 

However, I know, from all my production experience, that weekly releases is the way to go and I chose to release the video according to my self-created deadline vs. holding onto the content for another week. 

The future formula is TBD. I like the general 'content' direction of the videos that I'm producing. Now I need to attack the visual presentation of the content.