Your First 30 Seconds in VR

Your first 30 seconds of VR is holy. It's a Synaptically Trailblazing Experience.

We don't get enough of these.

 Showing off TiltBrush to a friend's daughter

Showing off TiltBrush to a friend's daughter

Since May 2016, I've demoed to tech nerds, old friends, doctors, drunk people, strangers, and children. 

It's a wonderful thing to do. 

I was never the kid that had the Super Nintendo before everyone else, so I can remember what it was like to go to a friend's house and be amazed by the next step in entertainment technology.

VR is like that. 

And the first 30 seconds are dangerous.

 Video clips from 3 Vive VR Demos 

Video clips from 3 Vive VR Demos 

I've seen people walk into the television, hit their head, and fall on the ground. 

It sounds like I'm a bad VR guru. 

But when you put on the headset and you're surrounded by infinite virtual space your brain accepts it. 

You accept that there is a technology greater than you and you walk towards it. All before anyone is told you where the boundary lines are.

And so you find them. 

After 30 seconds you get past that first early point, and you get to experience something like pure joy.

It fades fast, and you pass the device to someone else. 

I've tried as many VR Games and Experiences as I can find, but the best VR Game is watching someone put on a Vive headset for the first time and almost walk into a wall.

It's a few surreal seconds where your whole body learns a new medium. It's lovely.