Working on a Friend's Political Campaign

I worked with Matt A-W on his Scrum Basics course last year. He mentioned recently that he was running for school board in Beaverton, and I offered to make a few promotional videos.  

Hey friends reading this! If you are running for any kind of political office please let me know - I would love to help out!

Like every ‘free’ commitment, there’s a little bit more work involved than anyone imagines (and another project management tool to learn), but I’m really happy to be working on it. Unlike many projects that I’ve worked on in the past, this project has a discrete end – the May 16th School Board vote date. 

For this project I’ve kept things simple. Facebook’s ‘issues’ pages limit your videos to less than 30 seconds, which is perfect. As a result, most videos are less than 30 seconds long and cover a single issue with a call to action.  

I knew that I’d be shooting for a long period of time – so the C100 was the ideal tool. I used my favorite portrait lens,  the F1.2 85mm USM ii.  It also doubled as a great portrait lens to use as a family photo for the flyer.  I also enjoy that Matt is promoting Nintendo and his son, Sam, is wearing his shirt backwards and inside out. :)