Cameras are Tools

I’m going to tell you something that you already know: 

Cameras are tools. 

When you talk about TV Shows with your friends, you might talk about what cameras or gear was used to produce it, but you know that they aren’t that important. 

The camera is a tool. Humans use tools to express ideas. 

If a show is poorly written or conceived, it doesn’t matter how it was produced. 

This seems so obvious that it should be a rule. 

But it isn’t a rule except in books about filmmaking.  

There isn’t a lot of great writing in the world. 

It’s more likely that you’ll get involved with a project that was sloppily written and ill conceived. And when that happens, the camera and the gear does matter. The crew matters. Because their hard work is going to make the project good. Not great. Good. They’ll add a cut and a fade to save a performance. They’ll re-record a line that didn’t make sense. If it's a film, they'll be thoughtful where the writing isn't. If it's a documentary, they'll cut around the interview that was too long. They'll fix it. 

Asking what camera someone used is like asking what kind of hammer made a bench. The object that was created is what's important. 

It isn’t about the camera. The camera is a tool. Tools are for expressing ideas.

Unless the writing sucks.